Macabre Productions представляет:

1. Stavropol Insanity Compilation vol.1 (CD-R & MC) features:
Baal Zebuth, Cyber Baphomet, Misanthropic Art, The Holocaust,
Blizzard, Christinvertion, Eonic, N-616, Dantist.
2. Cyber Baphomet "Cyber Baphomet" (Satanik Post Industrial Elektroniks)(CD-R & MC)
3.Christinvertion"Embodiment of Goat Blasphemy"
(Blasphemous Trashing Black/Grind)(CD-R & MC)
4. Stavropol Insanity Compilation vol.2 (double CD-R & MC)
features Black/Death/Doom/Electro bands:
1CD - Cyber Baphomet, Misanthropic Art, Eternal Frost,
The Holocaust, Baal Zebuth, Winter Majesty, Alienation Cold, SS-18,
N-616,Christinvertion, Bleeding Rain, Bestiary, IV Pandemia Dolor AI Reves,
Eonic (all bands from Stavropol region).
2CD - Diabolic Witchcraft, Bestial Demongoat, Groth,
Aborted Fetus (all bands from Perm region), Kroll (Australia).

Upcoming releases:
5. Misanthropic Art "Possessed by Bestiality" / "The Birth of Nuclear Winter" 'EP (Chaotic Speed Misanthropic Metal) (CD)
6. Christinvertion / Bestial Demongoat "Hail Desecration!" (Chaotic Grinding Black Metal) (split CD & MC)
7. Baal Zebuth "Unholy Baal Zebuth" (Unholy Black Metal)(CD & MC)
8. Alienation Cold "Forest of the Dead" (Cold Atmospheric Black Metal)(CD & MC)
9. Winter Majesty "Unholy Glory of Ancient Rossa" (Black Metal)(CD & MC)

7.T-Shirts (hand work):
Symbol of Baphomet (Pentagram) etc.
8. Amulets (hand work):
Symbol of Baphomet, Demons Seals etc.

Abizar "No One knows my Grave / The Woods... an Ancient Times"
(Atmospheric Ambient Music) (CD-R - Eternal Sin Records)
Diabolical Sword "Diabolical Sword" (Raw Black Metal) (CD-R - Eternal Sin Records)
Diabolic Witchcraft "Demons War Necrocarnage" (Chaotic Blasphemic Black/Grind)(CD-R - Bestial Warbeast Prod.)
Misanthropic Art "Possessed by Bestiality" (Chaotic Speed Misanthropic Metal) (MC - Oupiric Prod.)

CD - 4$ Rus, 5$ CIS, 6$ World
MC - 1,5$ Rus, 2$ CIS, 3$ World
T-Shirts - 13$ Rus, 14$ CIS
Amulets - 1,5$ Rus, 2$CIS

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